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Wadebridge — Cornwall, England

Wadebridge is a town in northern Cornwall on the River Camel, acquiring its name from the people "wading" from one bank of the river to the other side; until a bridge was built to span the river in 1470. Prior to this time, many people and their animals died attempting to ford the river for market days. During the English Civil War the bridge was important enough for Oliver Cromwell to join his forces in the taking of the bridge. Through the centuries modifications have been made, including a cycle track along the length of the bridge. The town grew around the bridge, resulting in some magnificent riverside walks, with large areas of open space and a beautiful park. Wadebridge hosts an annual Royal Cornwall show, Cornwall's largest antiques fair and a Cornish Folk Festival with sounds of Cornish music. Many visitors come for The Camel Trail, which was once the location of a railway system. When the railway was no longer in use, the Cornwall County Council converted eleven miles of railway along the River Camel into a walking trail linking the towns of Wadebridge to Bodmin and Padstow. There are no vehicles allowed other then cyclists. Joggers, hikers and walkers can stroll while enjoying the extraordinary panorama of the Camel Valley. The 'easy to walk' trail affords a view of countryside whose beauty was formerly inaccessible to those who were unable to trek through wooded trails.

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Wadebridge is located in Cornwall where the A39 and A389 intersect. The nearest populated areas include Bodmin, St. Minver and Padstow.

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